Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Tonight UNCW Lumina Theater 7PM

On the fence about this one. From the wife of "famed" Thomas Campbell comes an all female romp around the world. Lets hope she took some notes from her husbands last mediocre effort (The Present) and will show the surfing in true speed.

Bill and TS Danny

Well, the entire surf world was a buzz last week with talk of Hurricane Bill. All kinds of phrases being thrown around "swell of the decade/century," etc. But the east coast is a funny place. The swell did hit (photos from Topsail will be uploaded shortly) while some places fired others misfired.

The internet is a great thing, my love for it is second to none. My close friends can attest to this. However I am making it a point to not follow any more surf forecast sites. Will be using the original surf tool, my eyes. And when theres surf I will surf.